Pre-conference Workshops and Sponsored Symposia

We invite attendees at ESACT2024 the potential to add their input to the structure of the conference. We have allocated lecture theatres and AV facilities on Sunday 23rd June for hosting workshops and sponsored symposia (described in more detail below). We are very keen to enable attendees to drive the content of the sessions but the decision to accept a proposal for either format of session requires consultation with the Scientific Committee. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or sponsoring a symposium, please submit a 1-page summary of the content of the workshop or symposium presenting (i) a summary of the rationale for such an event in the context of the interests of ESACT (ii) an outline of the major points to be covered and (iii) a preliminary indication of potential speakers. We expect significant interest in the limited number of potential time slots available (6 workshops; 6 sponsored symposia) so please submit your request as early as possible.


Workshops are sessions at which fundamental understanding of processes relevant to production of biological therapeutics are presented by researchers/practitioners (from academic, industrial or other backgrounds). The major aim of academic workshops is to highlight the current state of understanding, indicate the challenges that exist in enhancing understanding and to provide a platform for the audience to participate in voicing of opinions and debate over the needs and approaches that might be undertaken. Each workshop (allocated up to 90 minutes) would be expected to spend at least half the time in audience discussions, facilitated by the organiser(s) of the workshop. The remaining time would be allocated to formal (but hopefully interactive) presentations that give background to the current understanding. It is likely that the organiser(s) will present but brief presentations may be solicited from the audience (from academic, industrial or other backgrounds). The major role for the organisers is to build a format (from engagement with the audience) that will stimulate high level and meaningful discussion. It is envisaged that speakers will be selected from participants who have already registered to attend the ESACT meeting and no automatic financial support will be allocated to the workshop organiser(s).

Sponsored symposia

Sponsored symposia will cover an area of science that reflects the direct interests of the company sponsor, through illustration of the potential value of a product or technology developed and marketed by that company. The format (within a 90 minute session) is likely to be based on presentations, with speakers recruited from the company and/or potentially from academics who have used the product to undertake fundamental research. In many ways this may add to fundamental understanding but the presentations are likely to be focused on the use of a specific product/technology. There is a charge to the sponsoring company determined by budgeting decisions from the Meeting Chair and the Professional Conference Organisation.


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